Celebrating God at Work

Brought to Life

Charles & Bob are regular volunteers at the Pack Prison Unit in Navasota, TX. It is not possible to take photos there, but this beautiful description by Charles Culpepper of a baptism event in the unit paints a compelling picture of believers literally bringing others to the Life and Light that is found in Christ as they carry them to the waters of baptism. Pray for these volunteers and the men they serve that many more will experience the transforming power of the love of Christ.



Last night was the most amazing work of God I have ever been a part of in my entire life and ministry! Twenty-three men were baptized.  We must have had about 150 men there last night to celebrate the baptism. I empowered K, C and L to do the baptizing and that's when the party broke out.

They were baptizing the men in THEIR OIKOS who they had been praying for and witnessing to!

There were lots of elderly men who were crippled and in wheel chairs and the men picked these guys up in their arms like a groom  carries the bride over the threshold and set them down gently in the water.

There was shouting and praising and back slapping and hugging. And on top of that they had arranged to have a team of men that would dry the feet of the new Christians like Jesus washed the disciples feet.

Huge praise to God!

 Submitted by Charles Culpepper, Pack Prison Unit Volunteer

More volunteers are desparately needed to meet the needs in several prison units in the area and for leading small group Bible studies in local Parole Offices. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact UBA Consultants Sally Hinzie or Rickie Bradshaw.