Celebrating God at Work

Reports of God at Work through the Criminal Justice System Ministries

Two Prayer Boot Camps were held in area prison in March. The Darrington Unit has 125 men in attendance. 150 attended in the Terrell Prison. The focus of the Prayer Boot Camps is to prepare and train men to develop a consistent life of prayer. posted 05/10/2016

Two Freedom Weekends have also been conducted during the first quarter of 2016. At the Darrinton Unit in January, 125 were in attendance. At the Terrell Unit in April, 140 attended. Freedom Weekends consist of a two and a half day retreat focusing on spiritual transformation and personal discipleship growth. The Freedom Encounters occur after the mean have completed a 13-week organic church planting training program. posted 05/10/2016

UBA Consultant Rickie Bradshaw reports that at the request of the warden at the Darrington Unit, volunteers are conducting 2 hour trainings on placing your head below your heart. A 12 hour transformation prayer gathering was conducted at the Terrell Prison. Spiritual Encounters seeking unity have been conducted at the Jester 3 and Carol Vance Units.  reported 10/28/2015