Celebrating God at Work

New Believers Grow in Christ

Members of Conqueror's Family put in to practice the teaching from their pastor, Charles Anderson, about the story of the Good Samaritan.



During our service at the house, led by Pastor Anderson, which was focused on the lesson of the Good Samaritan I felt a sense of conviction and prompting. After the service, I discussed with the pastor the idea of doing something for someone in need and felt led to feed the homeless underneath the bridge near our house.

 I had seen them out there and knew from my own past how difficult and desperate their situation had become, whatever the cause of it. After getting the approval of the pastor I approached another resident who is in the midst of his walk with Christ and wanted to know if he was willing to help with the making and distribution of the food. He agreed and together we made several enchiladas for them. We then walked up to the overpass and found a couple individuals who had made this location their home. Asking them if they would like some food gave us an opportunity to offer some understanding, encouragement and hope to each individual.

 Not everyone was friendly or receptive but even in the face of discouragement we both felt compelled and led by the Holy Spirit to offer this service. After the food was distributed we returned to house, discussing what we felt the Lord was trying to show us. Both of us knew just how easy it was to be in the same shoes and only through God's grace and mercy had we been taken from a similar lifestyle. We prayed, thanking God for the blessings He had bestowed upon us after the mistakes, failures, and losses we had suffered as a result of our convictions and time incarcerated.

 Recognizing the small treasures He has given us along the way of our recovery and return to society we felt the hand of God working in our lives in many of the things we have taken for granted in the past. Thankfulness for the house, the food, the clothes, all of it totally changed the mindset we had in the past when confronted with obvious needs of others and ignoring them to focus on ourselves.

 Travis B.   |   Jason J.