Celebrating the life of Herb Weaver, UBA volunteer for over three decades.  Herb is absent from us but present with Christ.  We rejoice in the legacy of his life.  Herb Weaver died August 30, 2011.

Herb was a vital part of UBA life for decades.  Whether cleaning up with the team after Tropical Storm Allison destroyed the UBA Offices or pitching in to help move heavy equipment for our (then) new Mission Centers of Houston Director, Ginger Smith, Herb was always on hand to help when needed.  Thanks, Herb, for a life well lived.

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The following article was run in the April 2008 UBA Today Newsletter in honor of Herb's service to Royal Ambassadors during the 100th Anniversary Celebration.  He was honored also in the UBA Quarterly Meeting that year for his faithful service as a UBA volunteer.  (pdf version of orginal publication)  We run it today because it reflects so well the life and legacy of Herb Weaver.

Story by M.I. Torres

/files/Photo Gallery/Herb Weaver/Herb-profile.jpg Herb Weaver, Union Baptist Association volunteer for over 30 years, has been involved in Royal Ambassadors for over half its 100 year existence.  His significant contribution has not gone unnoticed.

In addition to numerous accolades and awards by local associations, Texas Baptist Men awarded him the Legion of Honor in 1976, the highest recognition that a Royal Ambassador leader can receive in the state of Texas.  He was one of the first twelve men in the Southern Baptist Convention to receive the National Award of Merit for RA leaders from the Southern Baptist Convention Brotherhood Commission in 1990. 

Beginning as a Junior Royal Ambassador at the age of 9, Weaver grew up in the organization. He saw Royal Ambassadors as an organization that would teach him about missions and how to become involved by telling people about Christ and helping meet people's needs.   He went on to counsel his first group of RAs in 1952 during his freshman year at Baylor. 

After a brief break during his college years, he attended his first missions trip as a leader in the mid 1960's when he joined a group for Foreign Mission Week in New Mexico.  For the past 48 years, he has been continuously involved in some aspect of the RA ministry. 

Weaver says that Royal Ambassadors has taught him to have a missions lifestyle and this has helped him to teach and train boys, young men and men to become involved in Christian missions.  He says that he considers it a joy to watch young boys grow into Christian young men and men in leadership positions and who do Christian work in many other areas of life as well.

The impact that Royal Ambassadors has had on the boys it trains is the strongest calling for Weaver, himself being an obvious RA success.  He discusses the accomplishments of the young men he's known and led stating that, in 1970, two of the high school-level RA boys that were in his North Dallas chapter were the first two boys to receive the national RA service award.

"I have seen many boys and young men from my chapters and associations become associational and state RA staffers serving in summer RA camps in Texas and other states," says Weaver, "I have seen young men that have come to know Christ as their savior through RA activities and many have gone on to be pastors, missionaries, church staff ministers, state Baptist leaders, national Baptist leaders and Royal Ambassador leaders in their own churches." 

Besides leadership positions, Weaver says that many of the boys become strong Christian men in their professions and RA training equips them for daily life and their walk with Christ in such work.

Weaver is currently co-authoring a 100 year history of Royal Ambassadors on both national and state of Texas level with the Texas Royal Ambassador director, Keith Mack.  [Update:  With the significant contribution of Herb Weaver, along with others, the 100 Year History of Royal Ambassadors was completed.]


Herb Weaver was the recipient of the Legion of Honor Award in 1976 and the Award of Merit in 1990, the highest honor and recognition that a Royal Ambassador leader can receive in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Tribute to Herb Weaver on the Texas Baptist Men website.

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Celebrating the Life of Herb Weaver