The Spiritual Impact of Cells

 by Yvonne Estrada, UBA Writers Team (06/02/2013)

La Casa El Buen Samaritano, a clinic providing free health care in the southwest part of Houston, is bearing spiritual fruit in the lives of its patients.   While La Casa is already different from the ordinary community clinic in that it has a deep concern for the spiritual health of its clients, the fruit of the ministry is now extending even deeper.

A cell group has formed comprised of some of the patients. This group, comprised of clients in the health clinic, meets regularly and provides a sense of spiritual community for its members.


The greatest concern of La Casa is for the patient’s spiritual health. Men, women and children are given many opportunities to open their hearts and pour out prayers, praises and petitions. La Casa is a strong community. The cell group stems from this community.


Rosie Diaz, the leader of the cell group, shares,  “In Casa El Buen Samaritano, we seek to meet the patient’s holistic needs. The ministry team cares for the spiritual needs of each visitor, inviting them to join a small cell group where they can continue to receive counsel and learn how to connect with God and other believers in a community environment.” Through this effort, relationships are built, where people are not merely out-patients, but future members and leaders of cell groups.


Gloria Londoño, member of Iglesia Horeb and volunteer at La Casa shares how “through these connections one of the most basic bodies resembling Christ, small groups or cells, are formed.”


In the cell group Rosie leads, the members have “experienced a change in their way of treating each other and how they communicate with one another.” Rosie met Adriana when she was a patient at La Casa. “The group began in the home of Adriana. She began bringing her mother and sisters. The other members came to join through them. In the group we have 6 married couples, 2 adult women and 7 children.  


Another member, Aurea Delgado, a once non-believer shares, “now that I am with the cell, my faith has grown. In the past, I didn’t have the desire to read the Bible and attend church. I didn’t even own a Bible. Now, even if I read just a little from the Bible I understand it so I keep on reading. And when I don’t understand something, I ask the other members. My life has changed, thank God.” 


Aurea shares how she doesn’t feel alone anymore. “I feel I have someone who protects me and helps me in my work and in my finances. I start each day giving it up to God. I always knew there was a God but that He was not for me.”


Rosie, a disciple trained at Iglesia Horeb, is now the one who is training others. She teaches the members to pray and to share their testimony with other family members and friends. “We trust in God the members apply the characteristics of a disciple individually and as a family."


Cell Group Resources


Author and trainer Joel Comiskey provides several pointers about the inportance of cell group ministry.


5 Components of Cell Groups

 1. Spiritual Growth

 2. Community

 3. Penetration Evangelism

 4. Multiplication

 5. Consistency

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