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Article Highlights

  • Doing Good is Not Good Enough
    • Continuing to do what we've been doing will only get us further behind.
  • Re-tasking the Association -- "mobilizing churches to take on lostness"
    • Making the Great Commission our priority
    • Training leaders to think more like missionaries
    • Continuing to reach the ever-increasing Hispanic population in our city
  • Metrics
    • Engagement of people groups
    • Disciples
    • Church vitality
  • The Future
    • Associations of the past
    • The association of the future
  • Diversity
    • 41% speak a language other than English at home
    • 350 different identified ethnolinguistic people groups so far
    • Approximately 215 total languages spoken
  • Church Growth & the Unchurched Population
    • Increasing population while baptisms remain level
    • As many as 50% of the population unaffiliated with any religion
  • Doing the Math
    • At the current rate of church growth, it would take 1,450 years and cost $47.9 billion to reach our current population.

The changing context and our current results suggest it may be time to re-task the association to help churches re-think their Great Commission assignment in light of current realities. 

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Doing Good is not Good Enough