Cooperation Works!
Through the cooperative work and ministry of Union Baptist Association during the past 12 months, you trained over 1,500 different leaders serving 10 languages or ethnicities in multiple areas of ministry, including:  reaching the next generation; singles ministry; Vacation Bible School; church legal issues; and hosting a block party.

You addressed social issues such as child abuse prevention; human trafficking; jobs & rehabilitation for ex-offenders; hunger in Harris County; and refugee needs.

You trained in their own language over 400 pastors, leaders, and teachers from over 75 Spanish-speaking congregations.

You helped pastors to preach more effectively; strengthen their churches; identify new models of discipleship; and overcome the debilitating effects of failure.

You gathered folks not only for prayer seminars but for local prayer walks and  global transformation events.

You started 8 new churches, 3 of which speak Spanish and one reaching urban youth.

You made it possible for professional, skilled consultants to serve churches directly and personally in a variety of ways:  Demographics & Statistics;  Prayer Ministry Training;   Missions Education & Mobilization;  Lay Leadership Training;  Pastor Search Committees;  Financial Information;  and more . . .  Can your church do all that alone?  (Click here to see names of contributing congregations.)

What is UBA?    (join UBA)

  • UBA is your cooperative association of over nearly 600 Baptist congregations, mostly from the greater Houston area. 
  • Ranging in size from the very small to the very large, some meet in traditional facilities while others meet in schools, homes, movie theaters, or rented strip mall shopping centers.
  • Music, attire, language, and worship styles are as diverse as our city.
  • UBA congregations worship and pray in nearly 20 different languages, representing an even greater number of  countries and heritages. 
  • UBA congregations are  African-American, Anglo, Hispanic, Vietnamese, Korean, Filipino, and a wide variety of other linguistic, cultural, or ethnic people groups in the Houston area.

Through cooperative giving, participation, and prayer, UBA congregations multiply their influence each year in areas of both training and missional work.  In addition, individual, autonomous congregations demonstrate their missional cultures by participating in numerous local church initiatives every year. 

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