by Karen Campbell, UBA Guest Editor 

Based on information provided by four Texas-based, federally-funded task forces and entered into Human Trafficking Reporting System (HTRS) - a national database dedicated exclusively to tracking human trafficking cases: Since January 1, 2007:

  • 554 human trafficking investigations led to the arrest of 132 suspects;
  • Ultimately, 113 of those suspects were indicted;
  • Of those, 22 suspects were charged with violations of federal law, and 72 with state law violations;
  • Of the 72 suspects charged with violating state law, 15 were charged with human trafficking, 24 were charged with prostitution-related charges, 15 were charged with rape, 7 were charged with kidnapping, 8 were charged with assault, and the remaining 3 were charged with pandering. In total, 29 suspects were convicted of a human trafficking-related crime.

In Houston since 2005, Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance, a local law enforcement task force has investigated 67 incidents of human trafficking, 37 were confirmed. 31 defendants were charged federally and 8 on the state level. 177 victims, mostly international adults, have been rescued.

Innocence Lost Task Force reports that in Houston and Dallas 109 domestic minors have been rescued in 2010. All were victims of sex trafficking.

The State Department's 2010 Trafficking in Persons Report explains that the number of victims identified reflect only 0.4% of the victims actually in existence.

Sources: Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force 2011 and Houston Rescue & Restore.

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Human Trafficking Statistics