UBA Executive Director, Tom Billings, called for the people of UBA to put their thinking caps on in a recent address at the quarterly meeting, "THINKING DIFFERENTly." (video) Often, individuals are so accustomed to thinking in a particular manner that it is almost habitual.  It takes an intentional, thoughtful effort on the part of the thinker to utilize new skills.   There are a variety of tools available to assist leaders in just this process.

One such tool is a set of 6 short videos by Edward de Bono, an inventor, author, and proponent of critical thinking skills, whose simple, non-technical presentation in these videos  is easily understood and applicable.  Using a marker and an overhead project, de Bono briefly and simply describes the benefits of utilizing the six thinking approaches as they are brought to bear on a problem.

Through the use of the six hats, six different approaches are applied to the problem:

  • Blue Hat:  the application of process
  • Green Hat:  creativity, new ideas, alternatives, possibilities
  • Yellow Hat:  identification of logical positives, benefits, values, practical implementation
  • Black Hat:  evaluation, caution, risk assessment, critical assessment
  • Red Hat:  feeling, intuition, emotions
  • White Hat:  information

De Bono stresses that the "hats" are not personality styles.  They are not to be used to describe individuals or their prefereed manner of thinking.  The "hats' are specific approaches that every individual can intentionally bring to bear on the problem at hand.


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Put Your Thinking Cap On