Serving UBA Congregations

Most events and conferences are open to the public. Services are available to active, participating UBA member congregations. Call 713.957.2000 or contact us by email.  

 Ministry or Service

Who to Contact

 Address Updates / Change in Church Staff  Alex Martinez
 Administración de la Iglesia  Campo Londoño
 Administration, Financial & Technology  Ron Towery
 African American Fellowship (Liaison)  Rickie Bradshaw 
 Annual Church Profile (ACP)  Gloria Londoño
 Annuity  Ron Towery / Dana Bowdoin
 ASSISTeam  Sally Hinzie
 Baptist Men on Mission  John Clayton
 Bible Study / C.S.S. / Small Groups  Sally Hinzie
 Camps & Retreats at Trinity Pines Conference Center  Phil Springer at 800-672-7079 or 888-270-4003
 Census Information  Josh Ellis
 Challengers (Youth Missions Education)   John Clayton
 Change & Transition in the Church  Tom Billings / Josh Ellis
 Changes in Address or Church Staff  Alex Martinez
 Chronological Bible Storying Training  Sally Hinzie
 Church Consultations, Churches in Interim  Josh Ellis / Tom Billings
 Church Consultations:  Self-Assessment Survey  Josh Ellis
 Church Notices:  UBA Online Newsletter  Dian Kidd
 Church Planter Assessment  Rickie Bradshaw / Sally Hinzie / Campo Londoño
 Church Planter Training & Development  Rickie Bradshaw / Sally Hinzie / Campo Londoño
 Church Planting Among Unreached People Groups  Keelan Cook
 Church Planting in the Urban Context  Keelan Cook
 Church Revitalization  Keelan Cook
 City Tours:  Exploring Religious Diversity in Houston  Sally Hinzie
 Community Transformation  Rickie Bradshaw
 Conflict Management  Josh Ellis / Tom Billings
 Congregational Self-Assessment Survey  Josh Ellis
 Criminal Justice Ministry  Rickie Bradshaw
 Demográfica:  Obtener información demográfica  Gloria Londoño
 Demographic Reports  Josh Ellis
 Desarrollo de Liderazgo  Victor Marte / Campo Londoño
 Disaster Relief (Baptist Men)  John Clayton
 Discipleship Development  Sally Hinzie / Rickie Bradshaw
 Domestic Violence Assistance Referrals  Josh Ellis
 Fire Torch Tour (Prayer for Transformation)  Rickie Bradshaw
 Español (Servicios en español)  Campo Londoño o Gloria Londoño
 Five Dysfunctions of a Team Training  Dian Kidd
 Futures Consultations & Scenario Planning  Josh Ellis
 General Information Questions  Dian Kidd
 Generations, Understanding Generational   Dynamics  Sally Hinzie / Josh Ellis
 Gifts of Land and/or Facilities to UBA  Ron Towery
 Hip-Hop Culture & Evangelism Strategies  Rickie Bradshaw
 Hindu Culture, Understanding the Worldview  Josh Ellis
 Hispanic Church Services & Training  Campo Londoño / Gloria Londoño / Victor Marte
 Hispanic Evangelism Strategies  Campo Londoño / Gloria Londoño / Victor Marte
 House Church / Organic Church  Sally Hinzie / Rickie Bradshaw / Campo Londoño
 Hunger Fund Grants  Alex Martinez
 Hunger Ministry Development  Alex Martinez
 Inner City Ministries  Keelan Cook / Rickie Bradshaw
 Inner City Missions (UBA Mission Centers of Houston  Jeff Chadwick
 Interim Church Consultations  Josh Ellis
 Interim Pastor Directory  online service only
 Instituto Organico  Campo Londoño
 Islam, Understanding Islam  Sally Hinzie
 Las iglesias celulares  Campo Londoño / Gloria Londoño
 Lay Missions Mobilization  Sally Hinzie / Rickie Bradshaw
 Leadership Cohort  Josh Ellis / Keelan Cook
 Leadership Development  Josh Ellis / Tom Billings / Dian Kidd
 Legal Assistance Referrals  Ron Towery
 Library Services  UBA Office Staff,  713.957.2000
 Life Transformation Group Development  Rickie Bradshaw
 Loan and Grant Services  Ron Towery / Dana Bowdoin
 Loving Houston Projects  Mike Kraxberger
 Maestros:  Entrenar a sus maestros de la ED  Gloria Londoño
 Media Center  Alex Martinez
 Men's Ministries  John Clayton
 Ministers of Missions Training & Resources  Sally Hinzie
 Missional Leadership  Tom Billings
 Misiones  Campo Londoño / Gloria Londoño / Victor Marte
 Mission Centers of Houston  Jeff Chadwick, 713-227-0304
 Missions Education, men & boys  John Clayton
 Missionaries to the City  Sally Hinzie
 Movilización de misiones  Campo Londoño / Gloria Londoño / Victor Marte
 Mujeres:  enlistar a una conferencista de mujeres  Gloria Londoño
 Multihousing Ministries  Sally Hinzie
 Multiplication of Disciples  Rickie Bradshaw
 Muslim Awareness  Sally Hinzie
 New Church Starts /New Work  Rickie Bradshaw / Keelan CookSally HinzieCampo Londoño / Victor Marte
 New Member Congregations / Watchcare  Rickie Bradshaw / Dian Kidd
 New Pastor Orientation  Tom Billings / Dian Kidd
 Organic Church / House Church  Rickie Bradshaw / Sally Hinzie / Campo Londoño
 Pamper the Pastor (Pastor & Spouse Retreats at TPCC)  Phil Springer, 800-672-7079 / 888-270-4003
 People Group Data & Response  Keelan Cook / Josh Ellis
 Plantar una nueva iglesia  Campo Londoño / Victor Marte
 Poverty, Understanding Generational Poverty  Sally Hinzie
 Prayer Ministry  Rickie Bradshaw / Sally Hinzie
 Prayer Room  Sally Hinzie
 Prison Ministry  Rickie Bradshaw / Sally Hinzie
 Property Donations to UBA  Ron Towery / Dana Bowdoin
 Pulpit Supply  Online Directory
 Refugee Ministry  Sally Hinzie
 Reporte Anual de la iglesia  Gloria Londoño
 Resume Service  online service only
 Retreats and Camps  Phil Springer at 800-672-7079 or  888.270.4003
 Revitalization, Church  Keelan Cook
 Royal Ambassadors (Boys' Missions Education)  John Clayton
 Scenario Planning & Futures Consultations   Josh Ellis
 Site Purchases  Ron Towery 
 Small Groups  Sally Hinzie
 Staff Team Leadership Training  Tom Billings
 Strategic Planning Initiatives  Josh Ellis
 Stress Management  Tom Billings
 Student Ministries  HABSM Website for information about campuses
 Summer Camps  Phil Springer at 800-672-7079 or  888.270.4003
 Sunday School / Bible Study  Sally Hinzie
 Support Groups (for Ministers)  Tom Billings
 Teams Development  Dian Kidd
 Texas Great Commission Initiatives  Tom Billings
 Theological Education Diploma Program  Tom Billings
 Transformational Leadership  Rickie Bradshaw
 Trinity Pines Conference Center  Phil Springer, 800.672.7079
 UBA Publications & Communications  Dian Kidd
 UBA Web Site Content  Dian Kidd
 Unreached People Groups  Keelan Cook /  Josh Ellis
 Urban Missiology: Research & Methods  Keelan Cook
 Volunteer Opportunities Beyond UBA  On Line Listing
 Volunteer Opportunities, UBA Mission Centers of Houston  Contact Cheryl Chadwick
 Volunteer Opportunities, UBA Offices  Contact Alex Martinez or Dian Kidd
 Volunteer Opportunities, UBA Trinity Pines Conference Center  Contact Office Staff
 Young Leaders  Josh Ellis
 Woman's Missionary Union  Dana Galloway
 World Changers (Youth Missions)  John Clayton
 World Religions - Understanding the Worldview  Josh Ellis