Disaster Relief & Recovery


Help UBA help those impacted by disaster.

Recovery Resources

Find recovery resources for your church.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteer in rebuild & recovery efforts.

Prepare Now for the Next Disaster

  • Shalom Builders of Texas: Founded by experienced Long Term Recovery Consultant, Gerald Davis, Shalom Builders of Texas is recruiting both inexperienced handymen/women and inexperienced willing works to help those with limited resources to rebuild and recover after disaster.
  • Southern Baptists of Texas: Trained Disaster Relief Teams provide ministry through feeding, clean-up and recovery, chaplaincy, and communications, operations, shower/laundry and childcare. For volunteer information, get details on the website.
  • Texas Baptist Men: While volunteer teams are always needed in time of disaster, teams trained and certified to operate the specialty units, such as feeding, laundry, child care, chain saw, and more, are also needed. To prepare to assist in future disasters, attend a training and obtain your Yellow Cap Orientation/Certification with a follow-up training in a specialty area.