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Here you will find resources to help your congregation recover from the impact of disaster.


If your church facility has sustained damage, please contact Dian at for information on available resources.


Register with FEMA (it is possible that churches can register as a non-profit organization which provides you with information and access to additional resources). This is unclear at this point. However, it is worth getting in line, just in case:  (See news article)

Small Business Administration (SBA) offers low income federal loans for small businesses, private non-profits [including, churches], homeowners and renters. Go to [09/19 Note: NPR reported this morning that receiving a Small Business Administration loan may negatively impact the amount of funding that can be obtained from a FEMA grant. Please confirm any impact before completing the application.]

Churches, the Small Business Administration Load may be a resource for your congregations. During times of declared disaster, such as Hurricane Harvey, churches area eligible for this loan.

Contact the State Conventions (Southern Baptists of Texas Convention or Texas Baptists/BGCT) to inquire about the availability of loans, grants, or disaster relief funds.

Texas Baptists Church Architecture Department for a description of resources. Contact the office directly for application. Keith Crouch, Director, (214) 828-5127 or email, 

Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

Oldham Little Church Foundation is a grant-funding ministry that addresses the needs of smaller protestant evangelical congregations. Only online applications are accepted. 



SBTC Texas Rebuild is a long-term recovery ministry of Southern Baptists of Texas dedicated to assisting with the rebuilding of both church facilities and pastor's homes damaged by the Hurricane Harvey flood event. (website)

Texas Baptist Men Builders provides a volunteer ministry assisting churches with rebuilding facilities. To apply for a project team, complete this application online.

Architectural Consultations are provided through the Texas Baptists Architectural Department. Contact Karen Young at 214.828.5135 or by email at Licensed architects can visit on site to help you determine if re-design is needed. There is no fee, but a love offering or donation of any amount is appreciated.


Long Term Partnerships

Sign up for the Adopt-A-Church partnership program with Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

Sign up for the Church to Church partnership ministry with Texas Baptists. Online Signup


Contact UBA

Navigating resources from multiple streams and denominational ministries can be confusing. If you don't know what resources might be available to the congregation, contact, and we'll get a consultant in contact with you to help you explore available resources from these many sources.


Texas Baptists Responding to Harvey

Free Replacement Resources from Lifeway: 

Replace last quarter's on-going order
Pre-selected resources when a pastor's library has been destroyed
Pre-selected resources for pastors in roles other than lead pastor who's library has been destroyed

Discounts for items not covered by insurance, items such as hymnals, pew Bibles, music, Lord's Supper supplies, etc.

Email the request to

Somebody Cares Houston

Summary of Hurricane Relief Resources

Doug Stringer's Somebody Cares Houston Newsletter is providing up-to-date information about deadlines, resources, and assistance.  


GET A CASE MANAGER: Case managers assist you with application and resource discovery. Call Disaster Case Management Hotline at 855.742.5989.


Locate Disaster Recovery Center Near You


UNITED WAY - Call 211 - United Way Help Line


FEMA - Call 800.621.FEMA (3362) to report damage and register for assistance or go online at

Listing of Resources by NRG.

Get Information

Several websites are set up to give you up-to-date information during this time of disaster.

Harris County -

City of Houston Storm Recovery Services

Red Cross -

City of Houston Emergency Information:

City of Houston Help & Information Line: Call 311


FEMA: File online for assistance; get information

Locate Disaster Relief Center

How Can I Volunteer?

Follow this link if you'd like to volunteer to assist other.

Volunteer Training

Follow this link if you'd like tips on how to train volunteers.

Prepare Now for the Next Disaster

  • Southern Baptists of Texas: Trained Disaster Relief Teams provide ministry through feeding, clean-up and recovery, chaplaincy, and communications, operations, shower/laundry and childcare. For volunteer information, get details on the website.
  • Texas Baptist Men: While volunteer teams are always needed in time of disaster, teams trained and certified to operate the specialty units, such as feeding, laundry, child care, chain saw, and more, are also needed. To prepare to assist in future disasters, attend a training and obtain your Yellow Cap Orientation/Certification with a follow-up training in a specialty area.