Volunteers Still Needed

Volunteer for Harvey Recovery RECOVERY IS ONLY JUST BEGINNING

Volunteers will be needed in the Houston area over the long term. Choose any of our relief ministries to sign up with. A variety of dates are available offering both weekend and 5-day opportunities. Some ministries offer specific days but also have the flexibility to work with your specific schedule.

TBM Disaster Recovery & Rebuild or contact Dwain Carter, Deputy Director Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief, at or 573.586.9929. Work dates scheduled through March 2018.


  • STUDENT Teams
    • BOUNCE Ministry with Texas Baptists: 2018 dates available; many already wait-listed


UBA Church to Church Partnership Form

If you are a congregation with the heart and resources to partner with a flood impacted church in UBA to assist in their recovery over the long term, please  follow the link and complete the form.

Texas Baptists Church2Church Partnerships

Southern Baptists of Texas Adopt A Church


Give to Disaster Relief Ministries

Volunteers are always needed, but for those who cannot volunteer at this time, donations to these trusted organizations can facilitate the helping ministry of others.

During previous flood events, UBA has directed all designated giving to these partners in ministry. However, with an event of such catastrophic nature as this, churches or individuals may wish to give locally. We offer this as an option.

Your Gift Matters!


Help UBA help those impacted by disaster.


Tom Billings, Executive Director

A 'Thanksgiving' Offering

Hurricane Harvey Update October 13, 2017

A good leader never forgets to thank those who make it possible to do the work for which he or she is responsible. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last few days. I’ve personally written over one hundred notes and letters to folks who contributed to UBA’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

As of today (October 13, 2017) UBA has received $119,450.83 in cash and nearly $40,000 in gift cards. Most of the funds and and gift cards have already been distributed to churches, pastors and families affected by the storm. Each week, as more comes in, we distribute it to those in need.

As soon as the storm ended UBA staff members started contacting our churches all across to city to assess the damage and needs. We discovered over 50 UBA churches were damaged by the storm. Some had only minor damage. Others had several feet of water in their buildings.

While a few of our larger churches have flood insurance and/or resources in the congregation to help them recover, most of our churches do not have the resources they need. We can provide some cash, but we do not have the resources to help them fully recover. So we are helping them find partners to come alongside them to help. Many times we are able to help them find “church to church” partners that will work with them over the coming months to recover.

Many pastors lost their homes and/or automobiles during the storm. Some lost their homes, their automobiles and had their churches flooded. A few had to be rescued from rising flood waters by boat. Listening to them tell their stories was heartbreaking. UBA has provided them with some cash and gift cards to help with some immediate needs, but much, much more is needed. When we can we become their advocates with other ministries that are able to help.

Perhaps the most amazing story through all of this has been the story of the church’s response to the crisis. I don’t need to recite what you’ve probably heard many times already … that the church was central in providing volunteers and resources to help those in need, that more money has been given and distributed to flood victims by the faith community than by FEMA, and that many of those who helped and gave money to help others were victims themselves. One of the first contributions to UBA's Harvey Relief Fund came from a pastor whose own home was flooded! Isn't that amazing?

Here’s the stark reality: no matter how much we do—and we are doing all we can—it is rarely enough. If you and your family were not affected by Hurricane Harvey, I'm asking you to make a “thanksgiving offering” to UBA’s Harvey Relief fund so that we can help others. I am confident you’ll be rewarded many times over for your generosity.

As to UBA, work on our building is progressing. While the repairs are not complete, things are shaping up and should be completed within a few more weeks. Thanks to those who sent money earmarked for us to use on our building.

Harvey dealt Houston a devastating blow. Many families and churches were affected. I do not want to minimize their grief or loss in any way. It may take them years to recover fully ... if they ever do.

Still, we serve a God who is able to do good and great things in bad situations. We see it every day as Christians reach out and help others in Jesus' name. I'm happy to be part of a church and an association that is committed to doing the best of things in the worst of times.

How About Donating Goods?

As well-intentioned as you may be, it is actually not helpful to donate goods such as used clothing, shoes, water, etc., unless you have contacted the organization to specifically request what is needed and are responding to that specific request. Read CBS News, "When Disaster Relief Brings Anything but Relief." (April 24, 2016). When in doubt, give funds to a trusted organization.

In these immediate days in the aftermath of Harvey, you will hear public please through our news agencies for specific items needed in shelters. Please do respond to those requests. Just don't load your car and waste your gasoline delivering items that aren't needed.

Many roads are impassable and shelters must rely on those who can get to them to bring supplies that are available.

Prepare Now for the Next Disaster

  • Southern Baptists of Texas: Trained Disaster Relief Teams provide ministry through feeding, clean-up and recovery, chaplaincy, and communications, operations, shower/laundry and childcare. For volunteer information, get details on the website.
  • Texas Baptist Men: While volunteer teams are always needed in time of disaster, teams trained and certified to operate the specialty units, such as feeding, laundry, child care, chain saw, and more, are also needed. To prepare to assist in future disasters, attend a training and obtain your Yellow Cap Orientation/Certification with a follow-up training in a specialty area.