Training: Tips for Volunteers

Demo Sheetrock

Easy way to demo sheetrock, courtesy of Michael Boyd:


Additional Training Videos

Muck-Out Clean-Out - Flood
10/16/2017m4v1 GB10/16/2017

How About Donating Goods?

As well-intentioned as you may be, it is actually not helpful to donate goods such as used clothing, shoes, water, etc., unless you have contacted the organization to specifically request what is needed and are responding to that specific request. Read CBS News, "When Disaster Relief Brings Anything but Relief." (April 24, 2016). When in doubt, give funds to a trusted organization.

In these immediate days in the aftermath of Harvey, you will hear public please through our news agencies for specific items needed in shelters. Please do respond to those requests. Just don't load your car and waste your gasoline delivering items that aren't needed.

Many roads are impassable and shelters must rely on those who can get to them to bring supplies that are available.


Sorting Flood Debris

Separando sus escombros

Prepare Now for the Next Disaster

  • Southern Baptists of Texas: Trained Disaster Relief Teams provide ministry through feeding, clean-up and recovery, chaplaincy, and communications, operations, shower/laundry and childcare. For volunteer information, get details on the website.
  • Texas Baptist Men: While volunteer teams are always needed in time of disaster, teams trained and certified to operate the specialty units, such as feeding, laundry, child care, chain saw, and more, are also needed. To prepare to assist in future disasters, attend a training and obtain your Yellow Cap Orientation/Certification with a follow-up training in a specialty area.