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The Reach of the Texas Baptists Hunger Offering

by Ali Hearon, Hunger & Care Ministries Specialist

Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission

"Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8

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The Texas Baptist Hunger Offering has provided $94,400 to fight poverty and hunger in Houston over the past three years through Union Baptist Association, Mission Centers of Houston, and Loaves and Fishes. Harris County is an important hub of ministry in Texas, but the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering also helps address poverty and hunger around the globe.

Every 5th Sunday in the year offers congregations the opportunity to go above and beyond with a special emphasis on the Texas Baptists Hunger Offering that impacts Harris County, Texas, and the world beyond.

Hunger Offering Focus: Every 5th Sunday 

In eastern Congo, Sylvia was 17 years old when she was kidnapped, assaulted, and raped by three armed militiamen on her way to collect water for her family.

“Left unconscious, she was found a few hours later by neighbors and taken to a clinic,” Rosa Kabira, who works with the Dorcas Project in eastern Congo said. “Luckily she survived but was left with an unwanted pregnancy.”

The Dorcas Project empowers women who have experienced loss or trauma from war and sexual violence in eastern Congo. The Texas Baptist Hunger Offering supports this ministry. "Through the Dorcas Women Project, I have been able to acquire skills and a sewing kit which have started helping me provide food for my baby and myself,” Sylvia said. “I hope my baby grows to become a strong boy and go to finish school."

By the grace of God, 40 women completed their vocational training in sewing, knitting, literacy and computer skills through services offered by the Dorcas Project last year.

Every Fifth Sunday throughout the year, you and your church areAli Hearon Christian Life Comission invited to join with other congregations in Houston and Texas, and help end hunger by giving to the Hunger Offering.

Learn more about how you can serve people in Houston and across the world by visiting the Hunger Offering website or send a note to Ali Hearon at


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