Pray for Refugee FamiliesRead a the story of one teacher, Betty Herrington, who knows that her missional community surrounds her every day:

I don't remember when I decided to be a teacher.  It's just what I have always known I wanted to do from my earliest years.  Every teacher I had growing up was my hero for that year.

I grew up going to church and was taught to "be doers of the word, and not hearers only." As I studied "the word," I kept noticing all of those "one anothers."  You know them - love, serve, encourage, offer hospitality, and summit to one another - to name a few. It has been a journey that I have been on all my life, discovering what that looks like for me to "do!"  

After the last of our four children was in school, I knew it was my time to do what I was called to do - teach in the public schools of my neighborhood!  In order to impact the lives of my students, I wanted to be as close to their world as possible, so it was important to teach in the school in the neighborhood where I lived.  I was committed to the students in my class and was focused on how to love and teach them with all of who I was. I've always seen it as my call to be the best classroom teacher I could be.

In January 2008, I participated in a Faithwalking retreat where it really became clear to me that my "mission" was not just to my students or my classroom. My school is in a high-risk, economically disadvantaged inner-city neighborhood.  God showed me that weekend that He had sent me not to just my students, but also to their families, their neighborhood, Betty Herringtonmy co-workers and my administrators.  I began to see the whole school and neighborhood as the focus of my missional community.  

I began praying with a group of teachers in the mornings before school.  The last two years we have enlisted mentors for K-3rd grade students, found ways to support and encourage our co-workers, and connected to the parents of the students with new meaning and purpose. 

I don't know what else lies ahead but I do know that I am being personally transformed as I press in to being a "doer of the word" by serving the poor, the marginalized, and those in need as a teacher who is seeking to do my part in working to restore my school and my community to God's design.

 Betty Herrington is just one of many teachers who are followers of Christ living out their calling day by day to exemplify the love of Christ to students, family, and friends around them.

  "As You have sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world." 

John 17:18


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