When you are visiting on-site, we invite you to spend a few moments in our UBA Prayer Room.  You can pray quietly in our comfortable armchair or enjoy a number of the other prayer helps available:

  • Books on prayer by both classic and contemporary authors.
  • Beautiful, illustrated copies of the Psalms, the Gospels, and Acts as well as other scriptures
  •  A Prayer Journal at the desk for writing your prayers and sharing the prayers of others
  • An easel for creating a prayer artwork of your own
  • Prayer cards available for your use - blank ones as well as cards pre-addressed to a UBA pastor, ready for your prayer encouragement
  • Maps and visual displays providing you with information about the UBA prayer focus for the current month
  • Comfortable cushions and a footstool for kneeling if you prefer
  • CD player and music for a time of personal worship
Individuals and small groups are welcome.  (Our Prayer Room holds about six people comfortably.  Drop in anytime, but to ensure availability, you may schedule your visit with the UBA receptionist by email or at 713.957.2000.)