Volunteer in Criminal Justice Ministries

Volunteer in Criminal Justice Ministries

UBA in partnership with volunteers from many local congregations has a thriving Criminal Justice Ministry. Volunteers may connect directly with UBA or choose to serve through the ministry of their church. For more information about volunteering, contact Sally HInzie or Rickie Bradshaw.

UBA Staff and volunteers currently minister in 6 prisons. The Wynne Unit in Huntsville has a House Church planting training program designed to disciple men and train them for leadership. There are small group discipleship ministries in Terrell prison, Carol Vance Unit, Stiles Unit, Jester III and the Darrington Unit.

Prayer Boot Camps, supported by Lifeway Resources, are available in some prisons.

Freedom Weekends are weekend lock-ins, staffed by volunteers, that provide opportunities for spiritual transformation and personal growth and discipleship.

Small Group Bible Studies and support groups are beginning in parole office for ex-offenders, and there is opportunity for expansion of that ministry with adequate volunteers.

Volunteers have the opportunity to share the light of Christ for a life-changing and far-reaching impact on inmates and their families.

Read Their Stories


Volunteer Charles Culpepper shares about the impact of a baptism at the Navasota Unit. (link)

A young inmate shares the impact of receiving God's grace and forgiveness. (link)

Volunteers make Freedom Weekends possible where inmates have an opportunity to encounter God and worship with their families. (link)

C.A. (name changed to Derick in this earlier posted testimony while he was still incarcerated) is now released, working, and actively involved in the discipleship of others. Read how volunteer Jerry Phillips showed him the transformational love of Christ. (link)

Perhaps God is calling you to explore this vital ministry. You can learn more from Sally HInzie or Rickie Bradshaw


Churches Who Serve


Many churches in the Houston area are involved in ministries to those in prison, those who are released, and their families. Here are a few of which UBA is aware.

Covenant Church (Huntsville), Minister of Missions, Jerry Phillips, providing ministry to prison guards, families, and inmates.

Epiphany Church, pastor Charles Anderson, offers training in organic church in the Terrell Unit. Epiphany also operate a transition house on the east side of Houston.

Free Indeed Church, Pastor, Johnnie Gentry, facilitating the Freedom Weekends in several area prisons.

Out Tha Box, Pastor, Bobby Herring, providing mentoring and Bible study in the Harris County Jail.

Houston's First Baptist Church, pastor Gregg Matte, provides C.H.A.R.M. Ministries, offering a wide vareity of opportunities in men's and women's prisons, transtion houses, and the county jail. Services include mentoring, Bible study, worship experiences, and sports ministries.

Sugar Creek Baptist Church, Minister of Missions, Don Waybright, providing small group discipleship in the Darrington Unit.

Texas Prison Ministry, founded by Pastor Rick Vasquez of Crosspoint Español, is recruiting Spanish-speaking volunteers to serve in multiple facilities in Houston and the state of Texas.

Welcome Back, Pastor, Hank Byrd, ministering to ex-offenders and families.

Woodridge Baptist Church of Kingwood, pastor Greg Wallace, provides worship services through volunteers at the Pam Lychner State Jail.

 For more information about volunteering in a prison ministry, contact UBA Consultants Sally HInzie or Rickie Bradshaw.