Mike Bonem

Consultant and co-author of Leading Congregational Change
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Do Your Ideas Need To “Soak” More?
Where do your best ideas come from? And how do you move from a good idea that’s worth considering to a great idea that’s worth implementing and accelerating – one that will enable your church or ministry to take major steps forward? An important part of a leader’s day is spent working with ideas. That […]
“Free” Can Be Valuable
I was returning from a recent trip and was pleasantly surprised to hear the sounds of a string trio in the airport. They finished a song right after I walked past. I heard several people applaud politely, but I failed to join them. A few seconds later I felt convicted about my silence. I can […]

Thom Rainer

President and CEO of Lifeway Christian REsources (website) Follow @ThomRainer

Five Reasons Church Members Attend Church Less Frequently
The local church is what God has used as His primary instrument to make disciples. But commitment is waning among many church members.
Pray for Bethany Christian Fellowship
Bethany Christian Fellowship is just three years old, but is a diverse—largely a Native American—congregation.

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