Mike Bonem

Consultant and co-author of Leading Congregational Change
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An Inch of Misalignment
The construction project at my friend’s church was almost finished when they discovered a problem with the stairway. The top step was about half an inch shorter than all the others. No big deal, right? But according to the experts, that small difference would greatly increase the likelihood for people to stumble as they took […]
De-Adulting: Becoming an Optimistic Coach
You have undoubtedly had the experience of being with a small child who called attention to someone who was different. The difference may have been due to skin color, physical impairment or some other factor. Inevitably, the child’s parent is embarrassed, but the child sees nothing wrong with what he said. He wasn’t making a […]

Thom Rainer

President and CEO of Lifeway Christian REsources (website) Follow @ThomRainer

Eight Unintended Consequences of Building a Church Facility Too Big
Don’t build too big. Plan carefully before you do. Be careful you don’t get too zealous in the types and sizes of facilities your church will build.
Introducing the Christian Standard Bible with Trevin Wax – Rainer on Leadership #314
Released just this month, the Christian Standard Bible is optimal point for accuracy and readability. Trevin Wax joins us to shed light on this new translation and highlights some of its unique characteristics.

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