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Creating Peak Moments
In my last blog, I reviewed The Power of Moments, the new book by Dan and Chip Heath. They explain that the trajectories of our lives are shaped by memorable moments. But more importantly, they also contend that we can be more intentional in creating moments for ourselves and those we lead. An important aspect […]
The Power of Moments
I was recently interviewed for a podcast and was asked about some of the “memorable moments of my career.” One that quickly came to mind was my first time at a megachurch’s leadership conference where I had been asked to teach a workshop on “leading change.” Almost 25 years later, I still have vivid memories […]

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Ten Critical Trends for Churches in 2018
Never in my lifetime have I seen local congregations at such a critical juncture. Cultural Christianity is all but dead.
Pray for Bethany Wesleyan Church
Bethany Wesleyan Church is located in the small village of Cherryville, PA, in the Lehigh Valley.

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