Leadership Cafe 2017

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10:00 am - Noon at UBA Offices (2916 W TC Jester, Suite 200)

Session 4, April 11

Leadership Through a Cultural Lens

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The foundational ideology and practices of leadership are intimately tied to a person’s culture. What may be considered bold, charismatic leadership in one culture is seen as rash and personality-driven in another. Some cultures evaluate leaders by their performance while others value them by their interpersonal relationships. Some cultures praise leaders for their out-of-the-box individualism, while others relegate to the sideline any leader who isn’t good for the collective whole. This discussion will focus on the challenges of leading in a world where cultures collide daily, and how to develop some cross-cultural leadership competencies.  

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It seems like a new leadership idea comes out every day, but how do you know if it’s any good? Practicing leaders should be exposed to both sides of the chasm between popular leadership and theoretical leadership, because both sides have something to offer and other things to disregard. But where is the middle ground? Where is the dialogue that helps bring theory into practice, and gives leaders a deeper understanding of their everyday work?

Join Dr. Josh Ellis (PhD in Leadership Studies) for a monthly series of leadership dialogues wherein a theory will be presented and the real-world application of that theory will be tested. Each month we’ll survey how different leadership approaches focus on leaders, followers, teams, organizations, or situations. The dialogues will be self-contained, and there will be no prerequisite reading. While many in the audience may be pastors, discussions will not be limited to the ministry workplace so anyone is invited.
UBA Offices at 2916 W. TC Jester, Suite 200    -    10:00 am - Noon