UBA Church Messengers to QAM


What are "messengers" and how does my congregation appoint them?

  • Messengers are the representatives from qualifying cooperating churches, elected or appointed by their congregations to represent the congregation in the UBA Quarterly Associational Meetings where business related to the Association is conducted.

What constitutes a "qualifying cooperating church"?

  • For the purpose of the seating of messengers, a qualifying cooperating church shall be defined as a congregation that
    1. Has affirmed its intent to be a cooperating member congregation of the Association; and
    2. Has financially contributed to the Association during one or more of the 12 months prior to the Associational Meeting; and
    3. Has submitted an annual church report of statistics within the previous 12 months.

How many messengers does the church appoint/elect? 

  • The number of messengers is based upon the average worship attendance reported for that church year.
  • Each church shall be entitled to a minimum of five (5) messengers.  Churches with more than 300 members shall be entitled to one (1) additional messenger for each additional 100  in average worship attendance or major fraction thereof, providing no church shall have more than fifteen (15) messengers.


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