Bridging the Gap

Resources for Churches in the Interim

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  • Helps for Search Committees & Churches Seeking Staff:  
    • from Southern Baptists of Texas (SBTC) (click)
    • from Texas Baptists (BGCT) (click)
    • Organizations Providing Resumes (click)
  • Church Law and Tax Report, a monthly subscription newsletter that may provide helpful information in the absence of Keeping Your Church Out of Court.
  • Keeping Your Church Out of Court:  This resource is temporarily unavailable. It is a notebook for purchase that contains information for your church regarding legal questions, creating job applications, developing personnel policies, and generally conducting business in compliance with sate and national laws. 
  • Ministerial Sexual Misconduct (click) is a concern that must be taken seriously.  Find useful resources to help your church navigate these concerns.
  • Background Checks for Sexual Misconduct are an essential part of any church staff search. Services Provided by Lifeway (
  • General Help (Bylaws, Child Safety, Finances, Property) provided on the Texas Baptists website (click here).
  • Prevention of child sexual abuse. Texas Baptists recommends the church consider the services of Ministry Safe. View the 5-Part Safety System.
  • Books and Information for the Pastor Search Committee
    • Church Work Rules! by David Self, Executive Pastor, Houston's First Baptist Church (summary)
    • Pastor Search by Paul Powell provides basic guidelines for churches in the interim. (pdf copy)
    • The Annual Compensation Handbook:  Senior Pastor's Edition (Christianity Today International) (overview & pricing)