Seeking Permanent Positions

About the Resumes

Resumes in downloadable pdf format are made available on the UBA website as a courtesy service only for the convenience of churches searching for ministerial and administrative staff.  No matching service is provided.

Submit a Resume

Individuals desiring to publicly post a resume on the UBA site may submit it to in a print-ready word or pdf format.

  • 2 page limit
  • References with contact information required
  • Upadate after 12 months
  • Submission of a resume constitutes permission to post publicly.

Notice to Search Committees

Search Committees pursuing these resumes are responsible for verifying the accuracy of information, exploring the appropriateness of the candidate for the postion, obtaining references, and initiating appropriate background checks on potential candidates for ministry and service.

  • Resumes are posted "as received."
  • Resumes are neither researched nor verified by the UBA staff.
  • Individual interviews are not conducted.  
  • References are not contacted.
  • Posting on this site does not constitute a recommendation by UBA staff.
  • Search Committees are urged to exert "due diligence" in verifying the viability and legitimacy of a candidate.

Additional sources for resumes and other resources for churches in the interim:  click


Note: UBA has been made aware of one fraudulent resume which has, of course, been immediately removed. Search Committees, please follow up references on resumes carefully and diligently. Report any concerns about resumes to