Deliberate Simplicity
By Dave Browning (Zondervan:  May 11, 1009)
Book Brief by UBA Church Consultant, Sally Hinzie 

Christ the King community church started April 4, 1999 in Mt. Vernon, Washington.  Christ the King now has locations in 7 states and 6 countries.  A current list of locations can be found on their website - .  

There are 6 factors that Christ the King structures their church around:  minimality, intentionality, reality, multility, velocity and scalability.

MINIMALITY:  With minimality, the church focuses on 3 things - Worship (Love God more), Small Groups (Love people more), and Outreach (Love more people).  "Deliberate Simplicity advocates restricting the activities of the church instead of expanding them.  It calls for less programming instead of more...working smarter instead of harder.   It calls us to move the fulcrum so the same (or less) energy is leveraged for greater results."  (p. 37)

INTENTIONALITY:  Intentionality is described as "Mission.  A church driven by mission is carrying out marching orders from its Commanding Officer.  This is the purpose for the church's existence.  Resources are allocated to fulfill this mandate.  The energies of the participants go to carrying out the mission.  The mission is the impetus."  (p. 68) "Two kinds of people fit well in a Deliberately Simple church:  lost people with ruin and wreckage in their lives, and saved people who have a heart to reach out to lost people.  If you are looking for a church with programs that will meet your needs, you will likely be disappointed in a Deliberately Simple church." (p. 72)

REALITY:  Christ the King shows their reality in an advertisement they created, "Do you know what's special about us?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  If you are looking for a perfect church, where people talk, act, and dress perfectly, you are going to be severely disappointed with us.  At CTK you'll find real people, with real problems, real blue jeans, and a real God who we're learning to love.  What you won't find is:  extra reverb so that we sound 'holier than thou,' music written during someone else's lifetime, harsh judgmentalism implying we don't struggle but you do. We found out that we're all made out of the same stuff.  There's nothing special about us.  So bring your story, your pain, your questions, your sense of humor.  You'll fit right in."  (p. 99)

"MULTILITY" - n: a commitment to multiples of some thing, instead of a larger version of that thing.  More instead of bigger is the theme.  Christ the King Church found they lost a sense of community when they merged two smaller congregations into one larger one.  By starting new campuses instead of merging, they grew and kept community.  

VELOCITY:   "In a Deliberately Simple church, there is a sense that time is short.  There's a feeling of necessity to act."  (p. 151) So - velocity is a value.  The church is streamlined in its' structure to act quickly to new evangelism opportunities and to launch a new campus.  The staff plans and structures early to double growth, move to two services, and launch another campus.  

SCALABILITY:  Scalability keeps an outward focus in the church.  In the system it includes organic multiplication and leader deployment.  The question used is, "What steps does a church need to take to make sure outreach doesn't get choked off by nurture?" (p. 181) Christ the King has a history of rapid reproduction locally and globally.  



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