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When communities change and churches age, many churches die. Property is occupied by businesses, schools, or other faith centers. But this is not always the case. Tom Billings and Josh Ellis explore a story of church revitalization with Andrew Johnson, pastor of Faith Memorial Baptist Church, and Buddy Griffin, a staff minister at Sagemont Church. View it below.

Being the Church in Urban Culture

Being the church effectively in a 21st century urban culture requires a new way of thinking about church. Keelan Cook, Urban Missiologist, explores how our definition of "urban" must change.

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UBA Executive Director, Dr. Tom Billings, interviews Dr. Randel Everett, Founder of the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative, regarding the erosion of religious freedoms and the persecution of the church worldwide.

UBA Executive Director explores how to cultivate a culture of generosity in our churches as he interviews Roger Patterson, Senior Pastor of West University Baptist Church, and Dan Hall, founder of On Course Solutions.

When the State Comes to church

UBA Executive Director Tom Billings and Attorney Steven Lewis explore the implications of current church/state relationships. They explore how the church may effectively respond to legal issues in today's changing culture. Download pdf file of presentation slides here.

UBA Executive Director Tom Billings and Founder/President of Horizons Stewardship Clif Christopher explore the reasons why people give (or don't give) to the church or other charitable organizations. He discusses the increasing competitive culture of charitable giving; the three pockets that givers draw from, and more. Download PDF version of the presentation here. (Please wait for download to complete.)

Tom Billings, Josh Ellis, and Matt Butcher explore the impact of technology on the church and how the church can best leverage the advances in technology.  View the video and also explore some additional resources below:

Download pdf handouts from the seminar below.

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Tom Billings, Josh Ellis, Nick Howard & Thomas Billings Jr. discuss the generations and the impact the Millennials are having on the future of the church.  Explore some additional resources listed below:

  • Pew Research on Millennials:  A Portrait of Generation Next (click)
  • An Interview with David Kinnaman, author of You Lost Me and researcher with The Barna Group (click)
  • A guest blog by Thomas Billings, Jr., An X-er Reflects on Generations & the Church
  • Read blog post I am a Millennial for additional perspective and some helpful tips on positive choices during tough times.

Download additional files in pdf format below.

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Tom Billings &  Josh Ellis identified key trends affecting the future of the church (Jan 9, 2014, QAM Keynote).  Some of these trends are explored in greater depth in the Join the Conversation Series.

UBA's Join the Conversation seminars and dialogue provide an opportunity to explore current challenges churches face in the 21st Century.

JTC Seminars began in 2014. Videos are posted with most recent first. Earlier videos may be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

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