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How the Church is Impacting the Foster Care Crisis

Story by UBA Team Writer, Meredith Cook

For many months now the Texas Foster Care System has been under review and the target of much criticism. Children at Risk Growing Up in Houston puts the number of children placed in Protective Custody by Harris County CPS* at over 4,000. News articles speak of the "crisis in foster care." Legislators have been struggling to address a "broken" system.  It's clear that the need is great. Churches and faith-based organizations are urged to become a part of the solution and have an important role to play. The Scoggins and the Hays are two UBA families, among many others, who have chosen to become a part of the solution.  Meredith Cook, UBA Team Writer, shares their story.

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Church Planting

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UBA Seeks Executive Director

Union Baptist Association of Houston seeks Executive Director to lead a network of more than 560 congregations to fulfill the vision to transform our city and our world spiritually and holistically. To achieve this vision, the Executive Director will strategically perform the following: mobilize and equip churches and church leaders, lead the staff to fulfill the vision, collaborate with city-wide efforts, and oversee subsidiary organizations. (bit.ly/UBAEDjob)



  • BOUNCE! Take your youth on a mission trip this summer! Texas Baptists Bounce Student Disaster Recovery offers the opportunity to assist communities in their efforts to BOUNCE back from devastation after disaster has struck. Check the BOUNCE website for dates and details.