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Volunteers Needed for MCH Christmas Store

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The UBA Mission Centers of Houston is enlisting volunteers to help set up the "Christmas Stores" where under-resourced families who have participated in Mission Centers Ministries through the year can select gifts for their families. This is an important ministry of outreach and sharing Christ's love. You can volunteer or donate toys or books for the store.

Keelan Cook: The People's Next Door

In the News: Whites a Minority by 2045
In a little over 25 years, the majority face of America will be a different color. According to a research report by the Brookings Institute, the United States will be “minority white” by 2045, when America’s white population will dip below 50 percent for the first time. White population numbers as a percentage of the total population will continue to decline for decades afterward. In other words, America has a decidedly diverse future. No Majority Ethnicity In the report, William Frey notes that this trend is the result of two major factors: negative population growth among whites and a surge…

Church Planting

  • Networks: Explore the diverse church planting networks available in Houston. Find the one that fits for you. (webpage)
  • Online Resources: Explore the UBA Church Planting pages to discover a variety of resources for diverse models of planting churches.

How the Church is Impacting the Foster Care Crisis

Story by UBA Team Writer, Meredith Cook

For many months now the Texas Foster Care System has been under review and the target of much criticism. Children at Risk Growing Up in Houston puts the number of children placed in Protective Custody by Harris County CPS* at over 4,000. News articles speak of the "crisis in foster care." Legislators have been struggling to address a "broken" system.  It's clear that the need is great. Churches and faith-based organizations are urged to become a part of the solution and have an important role to play. The Scoggins and the Hays are two UBA families, among many others, who have chosen to become a part of the solution.  Meredith Cook, UBA Team Writer, shares their story.



  • BOUNCE! Take your youth on a mission trip this summer! Texas Baptists Bounce Student Disaster Recovery offers the opportunity to assist communities in their efforts to BOUNCE back from devastation after disaster has struck. Check the BOUNCE website for dates and details.

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