UBA's Top 10 Articles of 2018

2018 has brought a lot of things our way: heavy losses, exciting possibilities, and hard discussions. Likewise, our blog also had a lot of fascinating and pertinent articles for the year. As we prepare for what God has in store for 2019, we'll first pause to remember and celebrate the top 10 articles of 2018.

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1. Remembering Ron

A tribute to the man we loved so dearly

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2. Three Things the Immigrant Church Does Better Than You

What we can learn from our immigrant brothers & sisters


3. Minister Housing Allowance

How to get and keep tax exempt status


4. Pastor Appreciation

How and why to show pastors care all year long


5. Sharing Spaces

How different congregations can successfully use the same buildings

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6. Four Ways to Love Your Wife

Practical tips for husbands on making marriage work—enjoyably


7. Preparing for the Next Storm

What we learned from Harvey & how to handle future events


8. Rethinking the Nativity

Why our Western assumptions may not be the whole story


9. Associating is a Team Sport

How associations help us to be better—together


10. Creating a Container for Conversation

How to come out of those hard conversations unscathed