Serve Like a Southerner

Here in the South, we pride ourselves on our potlucks, casseroles, and the ability to feed people well. This summer, let's put that Southern hospitality to good use in meeting two critical needs: feeding a World Changers group or the MCH Summer Missionaries. These are two great opportunities for you, a Sunday School class, a women’s ministry, a small group, or deacons to collaborate with others to support some hard-working students coming in for the summer to bring help and hope to Houston. You can help. UBA is #BetterTogether!


Feed the Summer Missionaries at Mission Centers of Houston

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There are about 20 slots left for you to provide a meal for the 15 summer missionaries who are serving the inner city at the Mission Centers of Houston during the summer months. UBA has signed up for a slot during the last couple of years, and it is a real pleasure to support these young adults who have committed their lives to Christ. They are bright, eager, dedicated, and hard-working. Summer in Houston is not for the faint of heart at its best. Add kids and teens and seniors to every day, and it can be exhausting. Let’s make sure they are encouraged and well-fed. Sign your group up for a meal today! All the information you need can be found at MealTrain.


Feed the World Changers

JUNE 11-16 & JUNE 18-23

CONTACT: Robert Liu at

This summer Chinese Baptist Church is helping to host a summer project called World Changers, through the organization LifeWay. World Changers hosts projects globally and has been for over 28 years.


For the first time in their history, they've set up a project in Houston! Over the course of two weeks (June 11-16 and June 18-23), over 500 youth participants, adult leaders, pastors, and volunteers from across the nation will be coming to Houston to serve communities affected by Hurricane Harvey, love the people, and share the gospel. Each week we'll be housing 250 participants, preparing them for the work on the sites, sending them out, and feeding them.


The project crews, consisting of 10-15 members each, will be ministering to the local communities by providing disaster relief to these affected areas as well as through gospel sharing while on site.  They will be entering homes affected by Hurricane Harvey and assist in the rebuild efforts through repairing damaged structures, constructing new walls, painting, shingling, and any other necessary tasks.  Currently, we plan on being concentrated in the Fifth Ward (Kashmere Gardens), Dickinson, and Memorial.


I wanted to reach out to the churches of the community to help us feed our crews at the work sites.  We need the help of churches in the area to provide lunch to these hard-working volunteers! If you can commit to supporting us in any way, even if it's one crew for one week, we truly would appreciate that!  See if your members would be willing to be a part of our efforts! If distance is an issue, Chinese Baptist Church is willing to assist you by procuring and/or transporting the meals to the site.


To give you an idea, here's a list of lunches I've had in the past:  pizza, sandwiches, subs, Chick-Fil-A, fried chicken, etc. But feel free to bring something else, even something homemade!  So long as it's filling and meets the needs of the teams there, I'm sure they'll be happy to have it. Other things you might bring are sides, chips, drinks, fruit, dessert, etc.  Whatever you'd like to bring!


Do you think that's something your church or a ministry group would be willing to help us with? Please feel free to email me at for any more details or follow up questions!