March Prayer Guide

Praise God

Join Pastor Ken Durham and Juncture Church as they praise God for the works he is doing in and through the church. Pastor Durham reports, “K. was saved yesterday. A. and D. surrendered their lives to pastoral ministry. Before that at Hot Hearts on Friday and Saturday, one of our students was saved, four rededicated their lives, and one of the five surrendered their lives to ministry, also! Look what the Lord has done! He is great!”

Join UBA as we thank God for his work in the lives of 45 pastors, church planters, and congregational leaders who gathered at Crecimiento y Desarrollando to explore how to continue their education.

Pray for Growth in Effectiveness

Pray for the missions group from Brentwood, TN, as they travel to Houston Mar 25 - 27, exploring ways to more effectively share the gospel in urban settings.

Pray for those who attended Enlace Glocal as they seek to better understand how to share their faith at home and abroad. Pray for the five people who experienced the call to the mission field.

Pray for A., a young man who is developing a line of skateboards. He desires to hire refugees to do the art work. Pray he can find the right person and that this venture will help the artist economically.

Pray for a teak wood artist and a batik artist in Indonesia. Butch & Nell Green are working with them to help develop skills and marketable products to bring greater economic stability.

Pray for Justice and Healing

Butch & Nell Green, Field Personnel with Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and serving the Houston area, request prayers for H., a refugee from the Middle East. They ministering to him to help him rectify some unjust charges made against him when he moved out from an apartment.

Pray that cards with information about human trafficking to be distributed on the border will prevent displaced people from becoming victims and will provide them with access to help and resources.

Pray for the continued recovery of all who have experienced sexual abuse and trauma at the hands of clergy.

Pray for churches and leaders in all denominations to act with courage and decisiveness to create safe and secure environments in their congregations.

Pray for New Members of UBA

Pray for ASATT A Seat at the Table and their pastor, Lam T. "L.T." Chuong, as we welcome them into full and active membership in UBA. Pray for L.T. to have wisdom and provision for leading his family and leading the church.

Ask that ASATT would experience divine favor in their strategies to reach the community, especially the vast population of unengaged Vietnamese and Chinese in our area. Pray the church's many extended families members who are not Christians, and ask that God would help ASATT to reach the next generation for the Lord.

Pray for Cornerstone Church Ministries and their pastor, Ben Ellis, as we welcome them into full and active membership in UBA. Pray for members of Cornerstone who are leaving in early March for a mission trip to Nepal to share the gospel with villages who have never heard the name of Jesus. Pray for open hearts and understanding as the IMB sends a team of church planters to follow them.

Cornerstone Church Ministries asks for prayer that the Holy Spirit will transform hearts and lives among the college students hearing the gospel through Cornerstone.

Pray for Iglesia Bautista Nuevos Comienzos and their pastor, Santiago Rodriguez, as we welcome them into full and active membership in UBA.

Pray for Iglesia Cielos Abiertos and their pastor, Jeremias Parada, as we welcome them into full and active membership in UBA.

Pray for Iglesia Cristiana Intimidad con Dios and their pastor, Luis Orlando Acero, as we welcome them into full and active membership in UBA. Pray for this congregation as they are engaged in the process of replanting with an older existing UBA congregation.

Pray for Iglesia Hispana Evangelical Bethel in Katy and their pastor, Aderaldo de Olveria Silva, as we welcome them into full and active membership in UBA. Pray for Pastor Aderaldo, who is a Brazilian pastor, would be effective in his call to minister to Hispanic communities.

Pray for Church Needs

Good Shepherd Korean Baptist Church (pastor, Young Ho Park) requests prayer in finding the part-time youth minister they are seeking.

Vietnamese Baptist Sugar Land (pastor, Hien Bui) requests prayer in finding two or more volunteers to teach ESL on Sunday from 2:00 to 4:30 PM. The location is Sugar Land Vietnamese Church, 8000 Clodine Rd, Houston TX 77083. Contact Pastor Hien Bui at

Pray for New Churches

Pray for Harvest Baptist Church and their pastor, Jonathan Moreno. It's a new church plant started in partnership with Club Creek New Life Church and their pastor Ralph Crowder.