UBA is a collaboration of churches who believe we can do more together than can be done apart.


Our Mission

Together, we ask questions, discover learning, hone strategies, and equip each other for the task ahead. And we do it together because it can't be done any other way. That's the real work of the association.

UBA is an association of over 560 affiliated congregations, primarily but not exclusively from the greater Houston area, cooperating for the purposes of missions, evangelism, leadership development, church planting & discipleship. The Houston metropolitan area is the 5th largest in the U.S., is the most ethnically and culturally diverse metro area, and leads the nation in population growth.

Worship & Serve

UBA congregations represent a wide diversity of cultures, worship styles, structures, sizes and forms.  Visit a congregation's website to learn more about its vision and community impact. Use the map below to locate a UBA church that utilizes your gifts, meets your needs, and engages you in service to the community. Select a church and click on the red arrow to go to Google Maps for directions.

Contact the UBA Office at 713.957.2000 or info@ubahouston.org for additional information about congregations.