Our Vision

Together Advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ


We want to see a city full of churches that cooperatively produce their own sent out ones for an array of Great Commission tasks. This is how Houston (and beyond) reaches gospel saturation. Sending Pathways is a UBA initiative to work with local churches to develop intentional systems that lead to multiplicative sending.

To find out more about the Sending Pathways initiative and how your church can be involved, click the button below.


Church Planting

UBA Church Consultants cooperate with our congregations to identify and train church planters to develop effective congregations in a constantly changing, complex environment.



Evangelism is not just a training event. It's a way of life and a commitment to having better conversations. We want to help train people to better engage with others in both intentional and spontaneous gospel conversations.


Innovative Collaboration

We believe churches must work together to accomplish the Great Commission. It’s going to take all churches working together to ensure that the gospel is heard in the 220+ languages, 350 people groups, & thousands of socio-cultural expressions in our area.


Missions & Discipleship

We work to see disciples equipped for missions, ministry, & service. Bible teachers, ministry leaders, & volunteers can take advantage of equipping and missional opportunities to grow in Christ.


Leadership Development

With the support of UBA congregations, we offer opportunities for pastors and congregational leaders to develop skills, navigate change, and implement vision for their context.