November Prayer Guide

November Events

Pray for those who participate in the upcoming Prayer Boot Camp Training Events. These were developed by Claude King of Lifeway and are being hosted by Rickie Bradshaw, KSBJ Prayer Coordinator.

Boys and young men in grade school through high school are at a critical point of spiritual formation in their lives. Pray for UBA Men’s Ministry Coordinator, John Clayton, as he involves these young men in camps and events to provide them with spiritual mentors, leadership training, and opportunities to deepen their relationship with God in a Christian setting. Pray for young men to encounter God at the November Missions Mania.

STAND SUNDAY on November 11 offers an opportunity for individuals and churches to prayerfully consider how to support the children and families in the foster care system. Prayerfully consider these 10 ways that you can help a child.

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. Pray for children in the foster care system to find their '“Forever Families.” Pray that the church will become a loving network of support for families who foster and adopt. Pray for wisdom, patience, strength, and resources for families who open their homes and hearts to these children. More resources here: National Adoption Day. Buckner Services.

With the coming of Thanksgiving is an chance to think about the many things we have to be thankful for. As followers of Christ, we have been “blessed with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places” (Ephesians 1:3). So, let us give thanks for the blessings we have that we can never lose.

November 27 is Giving Tuesday. Say a prayer of thanks for the blessings that you have daily and the resources that God has provided. Ask how you may contribute to Giving Tuesday to relieve suffering or share the Good News. Give to a ministry of your choice.

Give thanks for the witness and ministry of Greater Oak Grove Baptist Church, pastor, Rev. D. Earl Lewis, as the church celebrates its 50th Anniversary of worship and ministry! Thank God for faithful and continuing ministry.

Inmates, volunteers, and families have been deeply impacted by the Day with Dads on November 3rd. This focus on family ties even within the Wynne Unit in Huntsville is organized by UBA Church Consultant Sally Hinzie. Pray that these events strengthens stable, loving, and enduring relationships between dads and their children. Pray for wisdom, compassion and understanding for the volunteers and counselors who serve.


The Enlace Glocal Conference equips participants to better understand and communicate the gospel to people of diverse cultures and ethnicities. Give thanks for the forty-eight individuals who participated recently, and pray that they will recognize opportunities to implement the new approaches to missions that they learned from Keelan Cook, UBA Senior Church Consultant.

Pray that African American congregations in UBA will be strengthened and equipped as Mike Pender, Bryant Lee, and Lawrence Scott, UBA Church Consultants serving on the UBA African American Ministries Team. They are implement training and networks designed to meet the specific needs of our UBA African American congregations. Pray for effective time management for these pastors as they continue to pastor their congregations and serve part-time with UBA.

The Church Planting Pathway prepares leaders for church plants as well as for replanting or revitalizing in an existing congregation. Pray for Keelan Cook and Victor Marte as they develop this process. Pray for existing UBA congregations who may use the re-plant or revitalization process as a way to strengthen their witness and move forward to accomplish God’s purposes.

Seminario Biblia Thompson training events provide pastors and church leaders with tools for deeper, more effective study of the Bible. Pray for the thirty-two pastors and leaders who just completed training sessions.

Thompson Bible Sem.jpg

People to Keep in Mind

Pray for Alba Coronel as she begins her new responsibilities on the UBA staff as an Administrative Assistant supporting the Hispanic ministries. She’ll be learning new faces and becoming acquainted with the churches of UBA.

UBA Executive Director, Dr. Josh Ellis, continues to challenge the congregations of UBA to commit to a higher level of cooperation to reach our city and beyond with the Good News. UBA is comprised of over 500 churches representing a broad diversity of languages, ethnicities, congregational models and worship styles. Pray for wisdom for Dr. Ellis as he discerns the most effective strategies to unite these congregations.

The twenty-two evangelical pastors faithfully serving in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, need your prayers again. Sally Hinzie, UBA Church Consultant ministering to these pastors, says, “The spiritual warfare is intense in Russia. I am led to ask you to lift them up again.” They are grieving as a young pastor in the Nizhniy region had died suddenly from an apparent blood infection.  

Pastor Luis Martinez asks for prayers for a friend’s young child who is in critical condition following a serious accident. Please pray for the child and the child’s family.