Work of the Association

Together we can do more. The association is a collaboration of churches who believe we can do more together than can be done apart.

That's all well and good on paper and in theory. But, what does it mean on a daily basis? What's the real work of the association?


Harris County grows by about 100,000 people every year. That means that about 2,000 new people need to hear about Jesus every week. On any given week, those 2,000 people can be immigrants, refugees, ex-offenders, business relocations, and babies in hospitals. On any given week, new people groups and languages may come to Houston for the first time or add to ethnic groups already here, complementing what is already the most diverse metro area in the country. Buckle up, because next week a different 2,000 people will be here, and every foreseeable week after. 


The real work of the association is working together to make sure that no one gets missed. It takes everyone. No church can do it alone. So we add our strengths to the strengths of others, thereby relieving us of the impossible task and overwhelming burden of meeting every need all by ourselves.


We ask questions, discover learning, hone strategies, and equip each other for the task ahead. And we do it together, because it can't be done any other way. That's the real work of the association.

Josh Ellis is Executive Director of Union Baptist Association. He has a PhD in Leadership Studies and has served on the UBA staff since 2005. With both practical and scholarly knowledge, he leads the association into innovative collaboration for the sake of strategic gospel advancement.