Celebrating God at Work: Wynne Unit

Sally Hinzie shares this brief testimony of God at work in the lives of the inmates at the Wynne Unit in Huntsville through the ministry of one of the volunteers, Rafael.

Rafael met a couple at lunch yesterday. The conversation turned to God. He mentioned that he volunteered at the Wynne Unit in Huntsville. The young woman mentioned that her father was at the Wynne Unit and gave his name, P.M. She asked if Rafael happened to know him. She asked Rafael to tell her father that she loved him; she missed him; and she had changed. Rafael called me with the story, and I promised to deliver the message.

P.M. was at the door when we arrived that night for the classes. I asked him if he had a daughter and said her name. P.M. started to cry and  nodded his head. 

I told him the story of Rafael meeting her and delivered the message that she had sent her father. P.M. kept rubbing his arms, saying, "This gives me chills." His daughter had been on drugs. P.M. had not heard from her in over four years and had feared that she was dead. 

Rafael, who opened a conversation with a couple at lunch, was at the right time and right place to start reuniting a family.

Does prison ministry impact the lives of the inmates? Yes, it does. Does prison ministry impact the lives of the families on the outside? Yes, it does. If you are interested in volunteering to minister at the Wynne Unit in Huntsville, contact sallyhinzie@ubahouston.org for more information.