UBA Prays Together

Every month, UBA features people, events, and ministries we want our people to pray for. So, join us as we pray, because we're always better together.



Praise the Lord!

Luke Adam was in our first class in the Wynne Unit and eventually became a leader there. He got out in November 2017. Since then, he has reconciled with his family, is leading a men's Bible study, and even preached at Agape Love Community Church, where Parris Patrick is the pastor.  


This is one story that shows the fruit of their many prayers for the Wynne Unit. We hope to update you on these and many other ways we see God answering prayers.


Pray with us

Prison Ministry

Continue to pray for the ongoing work at Wynne Unit. Pray for the new warden, Rocky Moore. Warden is a very tough job, so he can use our prayers. Ask that he would be affected by the gospel of Jesus and shine God’s kindness and justice as he works with inmates.


Houston Responds

Houston Responds is hosting an event at UBA Thu, July 26, 11am – 2pm. Pray for many more churches to connect with schools in their communities. Pray these partnerships would bring glory to God through changed hearts and lives. More info here.


Texas Baptist Hunger Offering

Friends of the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering will be celebrating victories and encouraging one another to meet hunger challenges in meaningful ways Tuesday, July 31st at noon. Pray for the ministries of the Hunger Offering. Pray that many would show up and invest both personally and financially. Ask that these gifts would impact and bless many who don’t yet know or trust Christ.


If you’re interested in sharing a meal and connecting with advocates who are passionate about alleviating hunger and empowering those in need, sign up here.


Summer Youth & Children’s Ministries

As many summer church ministries are happening or coming to a close, pray for youth ministers, discipleship pastors, and all the volunteers who make the summer ministries possible. Pray that children and youth will be impacted for a life of discipleship through VBS and summer mission trips. Pray they would catch the desire for lifelong service, evangelism, and devotion to Christ. Ask that our churches would effectively disciple children and youth who make decisions this summer.


Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is now in full swing. Pray for God’s protection over our area as we recover from previous disaster events. Pray for ongoing relief efforts. Pray that God would use the devastation of Harvey and other storms would continue to soften the hearts of people and make them responsive to the gospel. Pray that our people would go be ready to give an answer for the hope that we have in Christ.


Make sure you check out our new disaster response plan. It will be a place for people to let us know they are safe, ask for and give any assistance that is needed, and cut through a tiny bit of the chaos when we need it most.


Disaster Recovery

Pray for the disaster recovery teams that are scheduled throughout the summer as they minister to those who are still struggling to recover from the floods of Hurricane Harvey and other disasters. The Mission Centers of Houston will be receiving students teams every week this summer and Chinese Baptist Church is hosting 4 weeks of World Changers Teams. Pray for physical endurance in the Houston heat and the opportunity to share the love of Christ with those they serve.


Nizhniy Novgorod

Every year there is a conference on the campus of a drug rehab at Cornerstone Church. People come from all over Russia to camp out, worship, and study God’s Word. Many missionaries have answered God’s call during this conference, and many others have been saved. Would you please pray over this conference happening July 23-27?  Pray for the Spirit to move and for protection from government harassment.


To go on a virtual prayer walk around Nizhniy Novgorod: https://www.ubahouston.org/virtual-prayer-walk


Instituto Biblico Organico

Pray for Campo & Gloria Londoño as they lead the 7-week course Instituto Biblico Organico to train pastors and leaders how to start and sustain small groups. Pray that the 24 leaders who are attending will be able to implement the practice effectively and reach people who need to know Christ.


Backpacks for Refugee Children

Many refugee children do not have the supplies they need when school starts. Each year Butch and Nell Green supply 50+ backpacks for refugee children. That that they would be able to exceed that goal this year. Pray that these gifts would open doors for children and their parents to hear of and experience the love of Christ.


For more info or to help, email bgreen@cbf.net. Backpacks will be delivered to Interfaith Ministries Refugee Services by the middle of August.


Items still needed:

1. Clear or mesh backpacks

2. Basic school supplies

3. Added supplies like kleenex and hand sanitizer

4. Or if preferred gift certificates to Walmart or Target and we will purchase the supplies.